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Friday, October 31, 2014

Newly Nominated US Ambassador to Sweden Azita Raji

Testimony of Azita Raji 
Nominee to be Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden 
May 20, 2015 
Senate Foreign Relations Committee 
Thank you, Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Shaheen, and distinguished Members of the Committee. I would like to begin by recognizing my parents for their wisdom, strength and encouragement, which are fundamental to my being here today. I am grateful to my husband, Gary Syman, for his unwavering support, and to our five daughters and seven grandchildren, for the joy and inspiration they bring me. I appear before you as a woman whose family endured the life-altering upheaval of the Iranian Revolution, and found new hope and new life in the United States of America. Throughout my life, while living, studying or working in countries as different as Iran, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, France and the United States, I arrived at the realization that I had been, in principle and sensibility, quintessentially American all along. And so, I have never taken for granted the freedom to speak my mind, the protection of the rule of law, and the opportunities to benefit from the similarities and differences that create the transformative mosaic that is America. Our country’s de facto motto, E Pluribus Unum, speaks to our belief in unity within diversity, a belief that has made me effective in what I have chosen to do in business, in philanthropy, in the political arena, and even in my own family life. And it also speaks to a world that in its differing views has never been in greater need of commonality, kinship, and partnership. Which is why it is an especially meaningful honor for me to find myself here, before this distinguished Committee, and to have the trust of President Obama and Secretary Kerry to represent and serve the United States of America, and to be asked to do so in Sweden, an important partner and close friend of the United States and a country where respect for the rule of law, individual freedoms, human dignity and gender equality are hallmarks of national identity and defining pillars of government policy. If confirmed, I pledge to serve our country to the best of my ability and to work closely with you to deepen the friendship and expand the cooperation between the United States and Sweden. I will focus on four priorities. First, security challenges. Sweden is an engaged and effective strategic partner of the United States and NATO in promoting global peace and security. Our close cooperation with Sweden in support of Ukraine, as it fights against Russian aggression and seeks to implement ambitious reforms, is vital and greatly appreciated. Elsewhere, whether in Afghanistan (where Sweden made significant contributions to the ISAF mission, and currently provides assistance to Resolute Support Mission and support to Afghan democracy), or Africa (where Sweden is one of the largest contributors to Power Africa and to the global fight against Ebola), or Syria, Iraq and Kosovo, or in fighting ISIL, global terrorism and corruption, Sweden is valued and respected as a reliable partner in advancing peace. If confirmed, I will seek to further strengthen our bilateral cooperation in addressing regional and global security challenges, and to support Sweden’s partnership with NATO. Second, economic prosperity. As a strong and long-standing economic and trading partner since 1783, Sweden is the 11th largest direct investor and one of the fastest growing and largest investors per capita in the United States. Our economic partnership supports over 190,000 American jobs across 50 states. If confirmed, I will continue our focus on promoting bilateral trade and investment opportunities, particularly in emerging industries, such as information technology, biotech, and clean energy. Today our economic focus must not just be bilateral, but also multilateral. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is an important building block of the wider trade policy agenda between the EU and the United States and will be an important focus of our work in the coming months. Sweden is a strong supporter of T-TIP and a logical partner in this effort, having relied on free trade to become one of the world’s most globalized, competitive and innovative modern industrial economies. If confirmed, I will encourage Sweden to highlight and leverage its economic success in creating prosperity through trade to promote our shared objective of a comprehensive T-TIP agreement. Third, environmental challenges. The United States and Sweden have an active partnership on environmental and climate change issues, including our close cooperation in the increasingly important Arctic region. Sweden chaired the Arctic Council from 2011 to 2013, and its accomplishments included a historic marine oil pollution preparedness and response agreement. The United States assumed chairmanship of the Arctic Council in April 2015. If confirmed, I will prioritize our continued bilateral cooperation on environmental and climate change issues, stewardship of the Arctic region, and scientific research. As a global leader in environmental sustainability and clean energy technologies, Sweden derives more than half of its energy from renewable sources, making it less dependent on energy imports than most EU countries. If confirmed, I will engage with our partners in Swedish government and private sector to explore innovative ways to leverage Sweden’s energy leadership in the EU to advance our shared priorities in addressing climate change and European energy security. Fourth, shared values. Our growing friendship with Sweden remains anchored in the genuine affinity between our peoples and our strong commitment to democratic values and institutions, a commitment expressed in our global partnership to protect and advance human rights and civil society. It is a friendship based on a shared heritage that dates back to 1638, when the first generation of Swedish immigrants arrived on the shores of what is now the state of Delaware. Today over 4 million Americans claim Swedish descent. They continue to enrich our culture and society and have been part of our economic success from the beginning, by building such successful companies as Walgreens, Greyhound, and Nordstrom. If confirmed, I will dedicate myself to deepen this enduring friendship, by encouraging understanding of our similarities and respectful debating of our differences, and by taking a multi-stakeholder approach to building innovative partnerships outside the government between our peoples and institutions and leveraging technology and public-private partnerships to connect with new audiences. Finally, if confirmed, I look forward to meeting the talented and dedicated professionals of our Embassy in Stockholm. I will support their continued success and be their biggest advocate, as we work side by side to advance our vision of a deeper friendship and stronger partnership between the United States and Sweden. The safety and security of our team, and that of all Americans in Sweden, will always remain my top priority. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to your questions.

Newly Nominated US Ambassador to Sweden
A new ambassador has been nominated to replace the current ambassador, Mark Brzezinski. The nominee, Azita Raji, is a former investment banker. She was born in Tehran and grew up in Iran and Western Europe. After graduating from high school in Lausanne, Switzerland, she earned her B.A. in Architecture and French from Barnard College followed by an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School. In her professional career, she has held a number of prestigious positions, including Member of the Bretton Woods Committee and Commissioner of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.
Her nomination has been submitted to the U.S. Senate for its consideration. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Ms. Raji would become the first female ambassador from the United States to Sweden as well as the first Iranian-born American to be appointed as a U.S. Ambassador.
US to get first female ambassador in Sweden
File photo: Athena Center for Leadership Studies

US to get first female ambassador in Sweden

Published: 24 Oct 2014 09:06 GMT+02:00
Updated: 24 Oct 2014 14:40 GMT+02:00
She is also a former investment banker and held a senior position at JP Morgan Securities.
She was a major fundraiser for Obama’s 2012 re-election, bringing in more than $3 million and serving as the President’s national vice-chair for finance.   
The US Embassy said Azita Raji would be "the first Iranian-born American to be appointed as a US Ambassador."
“I enthusiastically congratulate Azita on her nomination," Ambassador Brzezinski said in a statement. "Relations between the United States and Sweden have never been stronger, nor have they delivered more for our respective peoples."
Azita Raji's nomination must be approved by the US senate. It is likely to be at least six months before she can book her flights and move to the Swedish capital. 

anuary 18, 2013 New York Times

Well-Trod Path: Political Donor to Ambassador

When President Obama hosted dozens of his top donors at the White House in late November for a celebratory post-election dinner of chicken and pumpkin pie, few in the room could claim to have done more to elect him than Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine.
And after raising millions of dollars for Mr. Obama, Ms. Wintour had a prize in mind, according to several people close to the White House: appointment as ambassador to Britain, the United States’ most prestigious diplomatic post.
But by the time Ms. Wintour returned home to New York, officials had told her the job in London would almost certainly go to someone who had done even more for Mr. Obama: Matthew Barzun, a genial former technology executive who spent 20 grueling months as finance chairman of the president’s national fund-raising operation.
As Mr. Obama begins his second term in the White House, the donors and bundlers who raised more than a billion dollars to get him there are pressing hard for appointments. The sheer scale of Mr. Obama’s fund-raising machine has led to an especially intense scramble for plum ambassadorships, with as many as 300 people vying for just 30 or so positions, according to several people involved in the process.
“The president now has six years of relationships, not two years,” said Andy Spahn, a public relations and political consultant who, along with Jeffrey Katzenberg, the film producer, was Mr. Obama’s top Los Angeles fund-raiser. “So I expect that it will be a lot more competitive this time around.”
Interviews with more than a dozen donors, Democratic officials and advisers involved in the discussions revealed some unspoken rules: Volunteer for more than one country. Be prepared to serve for only two years, so that a second round of envoys can be appointed before Mr. Obama leaves office. Don’t mention how much money you raised for the campaign (but don’t expect much if you didn’t raise at least a million dollars). Let it be known where you want to go, but don’t publicly campaign for the job.
“You have to find the balance between waving the flag to get your name out there and waving the flag so much you smack people in the face with it,” said Jonathan Prince, a former State Department official under Mr. Obama.
Nearly every aspiring ambassador contacted for this article did not return phone calls or declined to comment about any interest in specific jobs. But speculation about who is in line for what often makes its way into the press; last month, The Hollywood Reporter published the names of several West Coast donors said to be on Mr. Obama’s short list for diplomatic posts — a list as closely scrutinized by Hollywood for who wasn’t on it, other donors said, as for who was.
For some would-be diplomats, the hunt began the day after Mr. Obama’s re-election in November, when the president’s top aides began asking his leading fund-raisers if they had interest in serving. Mr. Barzun has been an informal facilitator for donors and fund-raisers, along with Rufus Gifford, his counterpart on Mr. Obama’s campaign staff. Inside the White House, a small group of senior aides — including the counselor Pete Rouse; Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser; the deputy chief of staff, Alyssa Mastromonaco; Brian McKeon, a national security staff member; and Mr. Obama’s personnel director, Nancy Hogan — have met regularly to discuss potential choices.
Mr. Obama has followed recent tradition in making appointments; like every president going back to Ronald Reagan, he has filled about 70 percent of the posts with career diplomats and 30 percent with political appointees, often but not always top donors. Dangerous spots like Yemen are invariably filled by diplomats, according to statistics compiled by the American Foreign Service Association. Highly sought European and Caribbean countries usually go to political appointees. At least three Obama fund-raisers are interested in Italy this time around, according to people familiar with the roster of potential candidates. They include Azita Raji, a San Francisco philanthropist; John R. Phillips, a Washington lawyer married to the former Obama aide Linda Douglass; and Robert Mailer Anderson, a novelist.
But Asian countries are increasingly desirable. Steve Westly, a California venture capitalist and top Obama fund-raiser, has discussed with administration officials the ambassadorship to China, among other jobs, according to people with knowledge of the talks. The post is currently filled by Gary Locke, the former commerce secretary, who may depart later this year.
Deep pockets are an unofficial requirement for many postings. While ambassadors currently earn a maximum base salary of $179,700, and housing is provided with the job, in some capitals they can expect to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on entertaining. So those who can “self-finance” have a competitive edge.
The expectation is so ingrained that Timothy J. Roemer, a former congressman, felt compelled to bring up his bank account when Mr. Obama named him ambassador to India. “I told the White House and the State Department early on, I can’t afford to do the job like that,” Mr. Roemer said.
Not everyone wants a gilded posting in a European capital. Ellen Susman, a Texas philanthropist who contributed $100,000 to the “super PAC” supporting Mr. Obama, has alerted people involved in the decision-making of her interest in serving as director of the State Department’s Art in Embassies program, responsible for managing the art collection that hangs in American embassies around the world. (Ms. Susman declined to comment.) Others are more interested in policy positions within the State Department or elsewhere in Mr. Obama’s administration.
“There are some people who just want to be an assistant secretary of state for Latin America or something,” said Robert Rizzi, a partner in the Washington office of O’Melveny & Myers, one of several law firms that help clients navigate background checks for high-ranking jobs.
Most presidents, Mr. Obama included, seek to find ambassadors who have business or personal ties to a nation. Philip D. Murphy, a former national finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee who is now the ambassador to Germany, ran Goldman Sachs’s Frankfurt office for four years and is fluent in German.
“In my view, some of the best ambassadors and some of the worst ambassadors have been political,” said John D. Podesta, who ran Mr. Obama’s transition team in 2009. “They have close connections to the president and are understood to be close to policy-making decisions.” But those who “think they’re entitled can cause problems in a bureaucracy that needs to respect foreign service officers.”
Cynthia Stroum, for example, a major Democratic fund-raiser whom Mr. Obama named ambassador to Luxembourg, resigned in January 2011 — one month before the State Department’s inspector general released a scathing assessment of her “aggressive, bullying, hostile and intimidating” management style.
The sheer number of names in Mr. Obama’s hat this year means that most will end up with nothing. Some will be offered a semi-desirable country that they are unlikely to accept, a move that allows Mr. Obama’s team to satisfy their donors without actually hiring them.
Other postings depend, musical-chairs-style, on what people further up the food chain do. Mr. Barzun will get the United Kingdom post if he wants it, according to several donors and advisers with knowledge of the discussions inside the administration. Ms. Wintour was a potential candidate for France but is no longer seeking the appointment, they said — which could clear the way for Marc Lasry, a successful hedge fund investor who was one of Mr. Obama’s staunchest defenders on Wall Street and is seeking the same posting.
A spokeswoman for Ms. Wintour said she was happy with her job at Vogue. Mr. Lasry declined to comment.


Obama’s Top Fund-Raisers

Fund-raising totals through May for some of the top “bundlers” (those who gather checks from friends and business associates) for President Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, according to internal financial documents obtained by The New York Times. The figures do not include contributions from the fund-raisers themselves and may not reflect all of the money they raised. Related Article »
2011 & 2012
Andrew Tobias$4,080,220$6,206,942MiamiWriterSelf
Azita Raji$3,151,647$4,764,932Belvedere, Calif.RetiredSelf
Michael Kempner$3,096,882$4,592,646East Rutherford, N.J.Chief executive and presidentMWW Group
Anna Wintour$2,682,001$5,448,371New YorkEditor-in-ChiefVogue
Jane Stetson$2,433,975$3,970,113Norwich, Vt.National finance chairwomanDemocratic National Committee
Michael Smith$2,381,100$2,381,100Los AngelesFounderMichael Smith Interior Design
Denise Bauer$2,360,300$4,367,187Belvedere Tiburon, Calif.HomemakerSelf
Frank White Jr.$2,343,649$5,946,654WashingtonExecutiveSelf
Matthew Barzun$2,312,509$2,312,509Louisville, Ky.National finance chairmanObama for America
Steve and Allison Spinner$2,274,175$4,363,410Menlo Park, Calif.SelfSelf
Terry McAuliffe$2,228,400$2,228,400McLean, Va.Founder and chairmanGreenTech Automotive
Kirk Rudy$2,110,300$3,275,375Austin, Tex.PrincipalEndeavor Realty
Colleen Bell$2,101,635$2,191,835Los AngelesProducerBell-Phillip Television Productions
Jeffrey Katzenberg and Andy Spahn$2,064,280$6,606,379Los AngelesFounder/Principal; PresidentDreamworks; Andy Spahn & Associates Inc
Orin Kramer$2,000,700$3,898,600New YorkManaging partnerBoston Provident
Ken Solomon$1,809,600$2,762,000Los AngelesChief executiveTennis Channel
John Morgan$1,725,325$1,725,325Lake Mary, Fla.LawyerMorgan & Morgan
Rob Barber$1,687,219$2,995,104Cambridge, Mass.LawyerLooney & Grossman
Henry Muñoz$1,667,117$2,002,427San AntonioChief executiveKell Muñoz, Inc.
John Emerson$1,562,350$2,961,800Los AngelesInvestment managementCapital Group
Janet Keller$1,531,280$1,531,280Laguna Beach, Calif.ConsultantSelf
Chris Korge$1,528,750$2,879,710MiamiBussinessman/lawyerSelf
Suzi LeVine$1,515,493$2,311,146SeattleMarketing, Education groupMicrosoft
David and Rhonda Cohen$1,442,950$2,222,850PhiladelphiaExecutive Vice PresidentComcast
Robert Sherman$1,386,770$2,138,090BostonPartnerGreenberg Traurig
Noah Mamet$1,374,003$1,745,603Los AngelesOwnerNoah Mamet & Associates
Jane Hartley$1,353,200$2,246,921New YorkChief executiveObservatory Group
Tony James$1,340,400N/ANew YorkPresidentThe Blackstone Group
Robert Wolf$1,334,400$2,943,850Purchase, N.Y.Chief executiveUBS
Andres Lopez$1,327,323$2,045,823San Juan, P.RLawyerSelf
Steve Westly$1,270,200$1,555,700Menlo Park, Calif.ExecutiveWestly Group
Mark Gilbert$1,232,988$3,362,278Boca Raton, Fla.InvestmentsBarclays Wealth
Alan Solow$1,207,635$2,266,635ChicagoLawyerDLA Piper
James Crown$1,205,000$3,205,233ChicagoPrivate InvestorHenry Crown and Company
Spencer Overton$1,182,292$2,187,383Chevy Chase, Md.George Washington University Law School
Scott Nathan$1,151,100$1,580,000BostonManaging directorBaupost Group
Naomi Aberly$1,143,825$1,612,098DallasHomemakerHomemaker
Tom Wheeler$1,137,650$1,911,550WashingtonExecutiveCore Capital Partners
James Costos$1,124,925$1,124,925Los AngelesExecutiveHBO
James Brewster and Bob Satawake$1,121,027$1,133,027ChicagoSelfSelf
Kirk Wagar$1,117,000$1,445,680Coconut Grove, Fla.LawyerWagar Law firm
Lee Miller$1,094,701$1,094,701ChicagoLawyerDLA Piper
David Kenney$1,093,372$1,304,322DenverPrincipalThe Kenney Group
Joseph Falk$1,073,600$1,073,600MiamiConsultantAkerman Senterfitt
Craig Hanson$1,056,815$1,180,415Menlo Park, Calif.Venture capitalNext World Capital
Mark Nichols$1,042,653$1,042,653WashingtonPrincipalWesley K. Clark & Associates
Sam and Stacey Heins$1,042,157$1,042,157Wayzata, Minn.LawyerHeins Mills & Olson
Reshma Saujani$1,040,872$1,040,872New YorkSelf-employedSelf
Daniel Halpern$1,035,000$2,250,700AtlantaChief executiveJackmont Hospitality
Dana Perlman and Barry Karas$1,030,070$1,030,070Los AngelesLawyerPerlman & Associates
Christine Forester$1,027,900$2,370,538La Jolla, Calif.Marketing consultantChristine Forester Catalyst
John Rogers Jr. and Mellody Hobson$1,027,400$2,905,300ChicagoChief executiveAriel Investments
Vicki and Bruce Heyman$1,012,800$1,713,600ChicagoHomemakerHomemaker
Pam Hamamoto$1,011,654$1,885,054Tiburon, Calif.MotherSelf
Andi and Tom Bernstein$1,006,000$1,506,680New YorkPresidentChelsea Piers
Michael Sacks$1,004,800$1,004,800Winnetka, Ill.Chief executiveGrosvenor Capital Management
John Frank$1,003,794$1,003,794Bellevue, Wash.LawyerMicrosoft
Bob Clark$999,000$999,000St. LouisPresident and chief executiveClayco
Tom Carnahan$995,100$1,030,600St. LouisEntrepreneurSelf
Bonnie Porta Monks$969,897$1,659,221Portland, Me.RetiredRetired
Karen Harris$969,897$1,000,297Cape Elizabeth, Me.LawyerDrummond Woodsum
Blair Effron$910,900$1,319,102New YorkManaging partnerCenterview Partners
Mai Lassiter$882,600$1,047,600Los AngelesHomemakerSelf
Justin Buell$868,550$1,036,400San FranciscoPrincipalBuell Newsom Group
Carolyn Dwyer$867,086$1,231,900Montpelier, Vt.ConsultantSelf
Lena Kennedy$861,155$1,696,275Pasadena, Calif.PresidentKennedy & Associates
Sarah Kovner$859,975$1,237,000New YorkConsultant to non-profitsSelf
Peter Emerson$846,050$1,202,400New YorkConsultantSelf
Robert Roche$846,050$846,050ChinaEntrepreneurSelf
Andrew Weinstein$810,318$810,318Coral Springs, Fla.LawyerWeinstein Law Firm
Wade and Lorna Randlett$794,300$1,686,240San FranciscoCo-founderNextFuels, Inc.
Fred Eychaner$785,400$843,400ChicagoDirector of special projectsNewsweb Corporation
Stewart Bainum$764,300$1,217,600Fulton, Md.ChairmanRealty Investment Co., Inc.
Mike Muse$763,916$950,816New YorkChief-executive/co-founderMuse Recordings
Laura Ricketts$758,528$793,928ChicagoCo-founderEcotravel
George Tsunis$751,408$751,408Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.Chief executiveChartwell Hotels
Brian Mathis$746,800$1,798,975New YorkManaging PartnerPine Street Asset Management
Lazar Palnick$742,525$1,002,925PittsburghLawyer
Cliff Levine$737,525$1,110,525PittsburghLawyer
Louis and Carol Frillman$723,000$723,000SeattleChief executive/presidentMarquette Advisors
Michael Parham$715,032$1,592,307SeattleLawyerRealNetworks, Inc.
Gerald Acker and Barry Goodman$710,690$1,095,690Huntington Woods, Mich.LawyerGoodman Acker
Shervin Pishevar$692,610$692,610Palo Alto, Calif.Managing DirectorMenlo Ventures
Jack Connors$686,300$1,104,700BostonRetiredRetired
Imaad Zuberi$685,220$685,220Arcadia, Calif.PartnerAvenue Ventures LLC
Brian Lee$680,200$680,200Los AngelesFounderLegalZoom
Mattie McFadden-Lawson$678,825$739,625Los AngelesInterior DesignerSelf
David Friedman$678,600$1,645,710Longmont, Colo.PartnerSandy River II
Paula Tookes$675,100$675,100Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.RetiredRetired
Charles Myers$673,550$673,550New YorkInvestment bankerEvercore Partners
Junelle Cavero$667,520$667,520PhoenixPresidentEverGlobe Partners
Raj Goyle$663,000$663,000New YorkLawyerSelf
Kathy Levinson$658,401$658,401Los Altos, Calif.PrincipalLevCo
John Crumpler$655,199$1,365,699Durham, N.C.General partnerHatteras Venture Partners
Mitchell Berger$654,175$2,272,705Parkland, Fla.LawyerBerger Singerman
Burak Yeneroglu$652,900$652,900New YorkPrincipalBayrock Natural Stone
Lawrence Rasky$650,600$844,300Jamaica Plain, Mass.Political consultantRasky Baerlein
Robert Justin Day$640,433$640,433Tallahassee, Fla.ConsultantZepp Strategic Partners
Marc Benioff$640,175$640,175San FranciscoChairman and chief
J.P. Austin$635,040$635,040MiamiRadiation oncologistSelf
Abigail Pollak$632,400$1,555,500Miami BeachLawyerSelf
Wayne Jordan$629,800$629,800Oakland, Calif.ExecutiveJordan Real Estate Investments
Alexa Wesner$612,800$1,761,700Austin, Tex.Community VolunteerSelf
Sally Susman$612,800$612,800New YorkSenior vice presidentPfizer
Charles and Marie Kireker$612,225$1,086,286Weybridge, Vt.Venture capitalTwin Birches, Ltd.
Doug and Lisa Goldman$610,140$1,026,140San FranciscoExecutiveCertain Software
Deven Parekh$606,000$988,590New YorkVenture capitalInsight Venture Management
Alfreda Robinson$604,445$1,036,845WashingtonLawyer/professor
Tim Gill and Scott Miller$592,850$592,850DenverPresidentGill Foundation
Meredith DeWitt$590,200$773,890Still River, Mass.ConsultantSelf
Alexandra Stanton$589,420$589,420New York
Susan Ness$588,590$841,371Bethesda, Md.Consultant
Kirk Dornbush$584,616$1,086,906AtlantaConsultantSelf
Robert Mailer Anderson$578,000$578,000San FranciscoAuthor/real estate professionalSelf/self
Elaine Schuster$576,500$576,500Chestnut Hill, Mass.PhilanthropistSelf
Nicole Avant and Ted Sarandos$576,100$576,100Beverly Hills, Calif.Former U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas
Doug Dunham$573,400$960,564New YorkLawyerSkadden Arps
Cary Patterson$572,800$572,800Texarkana, Tex.LawyerNix, Patterson & Roach
Jay Snyder$564,300$684,900New YorkFinancierHBJ Investments
Terrence Bean$560,250$1,036,895Portland, Ore.Real Estate InvestorSelf
Ambassador Steven Green$545,300$545,300Miami BeachChief executive/investorGreenStreet Partners
Stanton Dodge$542,000$542,000Greenwood Village, Colo.Executive vice presidentDish Network
Justin Tanner$537,271$537,271Roswell, Ga.Senior communications specialistCity of Atlanta Mayor's Office
Linda Mason$527,051$75,800Belmont, Mass.Management
Mark Alderman$524,200$665,100Bryn Mawr, Pa.PartnerCozen O'Connor
Patrick Guarasci$522,000$522,000MilwaukeeOwnerG Strategies
Carol Hamilton$513,700$772,500Beverly Hills, Calif.LawyerLoyola Marymount University
Shefali Razdan Duggal$510,977$510,977San FranciscoHomemakerHomemaker
Raj Fernando$508,000$508,000ChicagoInvestorChopper Trading
Kerman Maddox$506,800$961,275Los AngelesPublic affairs consultantDakota Communication
Robert Pohlad$506,400$506,400Edina, Minn.Chief executive and chairmanPepsiAmericas, Inc.
Becky Draper$505,500$1,672,390San FranciscoInvestorSelf
Peter Beshar$503,600$503,600Rye, N.Y.General counselMarsh & McClennan
Jill Levi$502,288$1,449,638ChicagoHomemakerHomemaker
Chad Griffin$501,350$501,350Beverly Hills, Calif.PartnerGriffin Schake
David Rivkin$500,750$803,200New YorkLawyerDebevoise & Plimpton
Bobby Stein$500,613$1,697,613Jacksonville, Fla.Managing directorChartwell Capital
Leni Eccles$500,369$1,195,049Belvedere, Calif.Board memberRetired
Doug Hickey$500,200$1,260,205San FranciscoManaging directorHummer Winblad
Shelby Bonnie$495,800$495,800Upperville, Va.Board memberWarner Music Group
Joe and Sarah Kiani$494,400$494,400Laguna Niguel, Calif.Chairman and chief executiveMasimo Corp.
William Freeman$489,483$640,383NashvilleReal estateFreeman Webb
Crystal Nix-Hines$476,900$1,207,500Canoga Park, Calif.WriterSelf
David and Beth Shaw$476,200$959,000New YorkChief executiveD.E. Shaw and Company
Michael Kong$474,822$474,822Los AngelesInvestorSelf
Penny Pritzker$473,200$904,950ChicagoChief executivePritzker Realty Group
Jeremy Alters$472,900$2,038,400Hallandale Beach, Fla.LawyerAlters Law Firm
Anthony Gardner$470,160$470,160LondonManaging directorPalamon Capital Partners
Joel Cantor$463,150$463,150Tampa, Fla.Chief executiveCantor Partners
Sharon Hoffman$455,700$455,700Kansas City, Mo.PhilanthropistSelf
Sandi Thompson$454,700$454,700Woodside, Calif.LawyerSelf
Alex Heckler$448,610$644,935Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.LawyerShutts & Bowen
Ben Pollara$446,500$446,500Coral Gables, Fla.PartnerLNS Partners and The Wolfman Group
Tim Broas$446,450$1,020,150Chevy Chase, Md.Lawyer
Elizabeth Birch$446,450$446,450WashingtonPresidentBirch & Company
Kelly Craighead$446,300$446,300WashingtonDemcracy Alliance
Kathy Brown$440,000$440,000OaktonVerizon
Les Coney$428,900$1,149,100ChicagoExecutive vice presidentMesirow Financial
Tamar Newberger and Andy Schapiro$424,450$1,260,891ChicagoLawyerMayer Brown
Dwight and Toni Bush$421,760$421,760WashingtonPresidentD.L. Bush & Associates
Yolanda Parker$417,043$1,053,993Los AngelesPrincipalKMS Management
Anthony Chase$414,300$782,800HoustonChairman and chief executiveChaseCom LP
Bruce and Ann Blume$400,000$400,000
Cynthia Stroum$400,000$400,000
Andrew Korge$398,910$927,760Coral Gables, Fla.ConsultantKorge & Korge
Dick Harpootlian$391,636$391,636Columbia, S.C.ChairmanSouth Carolina Democratic Party
Karol Mason$386,700TBDAtlantaLawyerAlston & Bird
Ken Canfield$381,316$381,316AtlantaLawyerDoffermyre Shields Canfield & Knowles
Richard Gray$380,888$380,888Short Hills, N.J.LawyerMilbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
Conlon Kevin$380,752$380,752Wilmette, Ill.PresidentConlon Public Strategies
Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley$377,600$1,547,125WashingtonRetiredRetired
Tina Walls$374,922$380,922DenverRetiredRetired
Cynthia Ryan$371,400$371,400WashingtonNone
Carol Pensky$364,034$692,634WashingtonVolunteer
Don Hinkle$363,769$803,169Tallahassee, Fla.LawyerHinkle & Foran
Amy Singh$363,555$665,780ChicagoLawyerLaw Offices of Amy K. Singh
Chip Forrester$362,475$362,475NashvilleChairmanTennessee Democratic Party
Kel Landis$355,800$355,800Raleigh, N.C.PrincipalPlexus Capital
Caren Lobo$351,836$923,886Sarasota, Fla.RetiredRetired
Mary Lang Sollinger$350,900$475,900Madison, Wis.Community OrganizerSelf
Cynthia Shapira$346,500$346,500PittsburghSenior policy advisorAllegheny County Executive
Michael Adler$344,250$2,288,937Miami BeachChairman and chief executiveAdler Group
Aimee Boone$343,200$343,200DallasVice president of developmentPlanned Parenthood of North Texas
Joseph Zednik$339,764$400,564Bonita Springs, Fla.Retired traderLake Shore Trading
Genine Fidler$336,600$336,600Owings Mills, Md.Lawyer
Dixon Slingerland$330,913$743,713Los AngelesExecutive directorYouth Policy Institute
Andra Liemandt$326,400$326,400Austin, Tex.N/AN/A
Pamela Eakes$322,500$653,075SeattleConsultantSelf
Dean Phillips$320,200$320,200MinneapolisPresident and chief executivePhillips Distilling Company
Dave Garrison$316,050$316,050NashvilleLawyerBarrett, Johnston & Parsley
Marianne Karmel$312,810$319,244West Newton, Mass.RetiredRetired
Mark Gallogly$312,400$903,834New YorkFinanceCenterbridge Partners
Neil Bluhm$311,000$1,045,700ChicagoPresidentVMB Realty
Steven Myers$307,125$443,925Corona Del Mar, Calif.President and chief executiveDolphin Capital Holdings
Steve Cohen$300,300$659,950ChicagoLawyerCohen Law Group
Laura Ross$299,850$299,850New YorkRetiredRetired
Frank Brosens$297,400$1,000,685New YorkManaging partnerTaconic Capital Advisors
Alan Ginsburg$295,500$295,500Maitland, Fla.ChairmanAHG Group
Steve Pajcic$295,013$1,216,613Jacksonville, Fla.LawyerSelf
Grace Tsao-Wu$290,475$579,708ChicagoRetailerTabula Tua
David Billings$289,800$289,800LondonPartnerAkin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
Charles Adams$289,650$373,200GenevaLawyerAkin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
Dan Fass$282,850$543,330Riverside, Conn.PhysicianGreenwich Hospital
Jim Torrey$274,950$1,056,775Greenwich, Conn.PresidentThe Torrey Funds
Eva Longoria$271,300$271,300Beverly Hills, Calif.ActressSelf
Earl and Amanda Stafford$262,400$262,400McLean, Va.PhilanthropistThe Stafford Foundation
Jean Bailey$257,125$517,125Silver Spring, Md.ProfessorHoward University
Kawanna and Jay Brown$250,600$250,600New YorkChief operating officerMagic Johnson Enterprises
Alice and Bill Mahoney$247,700$509,500New Canaan, Conn.InvestorSelf
Carrin Patman$243,900$243,900HoustonLawyerBracewell & Giuliani
Marjorie Roberts$226,074$522,474St. Thomas, V.I.LawyerMarjorie Rawls Roberts
Amalia Mahoney$221,304$221,304ChicagoLawyerSegal Mccambridge Singer & Mahoney
Joe Calabrese$209,905$526,655Los AngelesLawyerO'Melveny & Myers
Stephen Bittel$209,000$395,250Miami BeachChairmanTerranova Corporation
Michael Cioffi$203,765$203,765CincinnatiLawyerBlank Rome LLP
Larry Fish$203,000$278,800Chestnut Hill, Mass.ChairmanCitizens Financial Group
Bob Poe$200,700$200,700West Hollywood, Calif.PresidentEnergy Communications Network
Cecilia Soto-Loftus$193,625$193,625Malibu, Calif.Chief executiveMalibu Entertainment
George Krupp$179,118$254,918BostonExecutiveBerkshire Group
Simon Ahn$179,000$307,700AtlantaLawyerAhn & Associates
Rebecca and Troy Carter$179,000$179,000Woodland Hills, Calif.Chairman and chief executiveCoalition Media Group
Eunu Chun$178,450$178,450New YorkLawyerKirkland and Ellis
Jamie Rubin$174,000$418,100New YorkManaging PartnerBC Partners
Stuart Grant$171,800$171,800Wilmington, Del.Grant and Eisenhofer, PA
Ron and Deborah Ratner$169,250$169,250Shaker Hts, OhioExecutive vice presidentForest City Enterprises
Richard and Doreen Cahoon$153,890$148,600Cleveland Heights, OhioPartner emeritusDealer Tire Llc
Jeff and Laura Shell$149,700$149,700LondonExecutiveNBC Universal
Charles Phillips$147,400$147,400New YorkChief executiveInfor
Clarence Avant$146,700$438,060Beverly Hills, Calif.Music ExecutiveSelf
Ellen Richman$146,600$1,073,750Greenwich, Conn.ProfessorPace University
Paul Boskind$143,750$143,750New YorkPsycologistDeer Oaks Mental Health Associates
Judith Zarin$143,200$211,500New YorkProducerGirl From Queens
David and Martha Hamamoto$143,200$143,200New YorkChief executiveNorthStar Realty Finance
Leslie Lewis Sword$141,700$141,700New YorkActressSelf
Chris Lowe$139,848$139,848New YorkRetiredRetired
Barbara Grasseschi$137,100$137,100Healdsburg, Calif.OwnerPuma Springs Vineyards
Martine Rothblatt$135,800$397,600Satellite Beach, Fla.Medical ethicistUnited Therapeutics
Steve Goldman$130,600$130,600New YorkLawyerKramer Levin Naftalis and Frankel
Teena Hostovich$126,040$126,040La Canada, Calif.Executive vice presidentLockton Insurance Brokers
Mark and Marianna McCall$124,400$276,400Westport, Conn.Chief financial officerLime Rock Managment LP
Phyllis Cohen$123,525$123,525HoustonLawyerSelf
Susanne and Zenas Hutcheson$120,800$120,800Minnetonka, Minn.HomemakerHomemaker
John Gorman$120,400$511,600Austin, Tex.ChairmanTejas Securities Group
Jason Freeman$119,350$119,350HoustonExecutiveHallmark Captial Group
Jim and Bruce Murray$117,100$370,450Charlottesville, Va.Court Square Ventures
Robert and Heather Keane$116,600$116,600ParisChief executiveVistaprint
Marissa Mayer$112,400$386,000San FranciscoVice president, search products and user experienceGoogle
Kelly Chapman Meyer$110,400$483,325Malibu, Calif.ActivistSelf
Rafael Ortiz$107,400$164,400San FranciscoVice president, marketingOrtiz Family Investments
Rochelle Jacobson$105,900$136,300HoustonExecutiveMerfish Pipe and Supply Co
Ned Lamont$102,400$307,130Greenwich Syosset, Conn.ChairmanLamont Digital
Nirmal Mulye$102,400$102,400Kendall Park, N.J.PresidentNostrum Pharmaceuticals
Melissa McGrain$102,000$102,000Pittsford, N.Y.Skating coachSelf
Patricia Duff$100,800$119,300New YorkTalk show hostPlum TV
Cappy McGarr$100,000$242,000DallasPresidentMcGarr Capital
Don Layden$95,800$95,800Wauwatosa, Wis.LawyerQuarles & Brady
Terry Kramer$95,800$95,800Piedmont, Calif.SelfSelf
Christina Lee Brown$93,100$128,900Louisville, Ky.OwnerLouisville Stoneware
Robert Rawson Jr.$86,800$86,800Shaker Hts, OhioLawyerJones Day
Sherman Silber$86,600$101,600St. LouisPhysicianSelf
Rick Segal$85,800$85,800White Plains, N.Y.PresidentSeavest
Owsley Brown$85,800$85,800San FranciscoVintnerMendocino Farms
Bob Pietrzak$83,400$199,300New YorkLawyerSidley Austin LLP
Joan Parekh$81,600$81,600Franklin Lakes, N.J.
Peter Reinhardt$80,800$139,450MoscowHuman capital partnerErnst & Young
Jonathan and Diana Rose$78,100$128,500New YorkPresidentJonathan Rose and Co
Woodrow A. Myers Jr.$77,100$77,100IndianapolisManaging directorMyers Ventures LLC
Thomas Unterman$76,600$576,300Pacific Palisades, Calif.Investment managmentRustic Canyon Partners
Gabrielle and Sunil Sabharwal$76,600$76,600WashingtonHomemaker
Jimmy Kuhn$75,800$106,200New YorkPresidentNewmark Knight Frank
Laura Lee Brown$75,800$75,800Louisville, Ky.ArtistSelf
Curry Glassel$75,800$75,800HoustonPhilanthropistSelf
Luke Miner$75,800$75,800LondonStudentLondon School of Economics
Robert Orr$75,800$75,800Kamakura, JapanU.S. executive directorAsian Development Bank
Steve Wilson$75,800$75,800Louisville, Ky.Co-owner21c Museum Hotel
Cristina Stenbeck$75,800$75,800LondonDirectorKinnevik
Glen Fukushima$75,800$75,800Minato-ku, Tokyo , JapanChairman and directorAirbus Japan K.K.
Daniel Crosby$75,800$75,800Geneva
John Miller$75,800$75,800Grafton, Wis.President and chief executiveMiller-St. Nazianz, Inc.
David Wolfson$75,800$75,800New YorkLawyerMilbank
Peter Novello$75,800$75,800New YorkExecutiveFar Hills Group
David Rosenauer$75,200$75,200New YorkLawyerGibson, Dunn and Crutcher LLP
Stan Shuman$71,600$446,750New YorkPartnerAllen and Co.
Eric Mindich$71,600$237,500New YorkFounding partnerEton Park Capital Management
Judith and William Scheide$71,600$71,600Princeton, N.J.RetiredRetired
William Derrough$70,800$89,300New YorkManaging directorMoelis and Company
Mike Cox$70,800$70,800New YorkVice chairmanSeabury Group
Mark Bergman$70,800$70,800LondonLawyerPaul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison LLP
Andrew Dayton$70,000$105,800Minneapolis
Eric Dayton$70,000$105,800MinneapolisRestaurateurSelf
Jonathan Lavine$68,700$144,500Weston, Mass.InvestorBain Capital
Scott Allen$66,900$66,900Bethesda, Md.InvestorSelf
Ann and Chris Stack$66,650$97,050IndianapolisRetiredRetired
Minott Wessinger$60,000$60,000San FranciscoPrincipalMcKenzie River Corporation
Lynda and Art Brender$55,000$55,000Fort WorthBookkeeper; lawyerLaw Offices of Art Brender
Walter White$52,950$52,950LondonLawyerMcGuireWoods
Michael Schell$49,750$125,650New YorkRetiredRetired
Neil Young$45,800$45,800San FranciscoFounderngmoco
Max Schireson$44,900$44,900Palo Alto, Calif.Executive10gen
David Berger$41,800$41,800Palo Alto, Calif.PartnerWilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati
Patricia Lorsch$40,000$117,800Cambridge, Mass.WriterSelf
Matt Bergman$40,000$68,700Vashon, Wash.LawyerBergman Draper Landenburg
Jo Ousterhout$39,920$39,920LondonFounding PartnerMetta Journeys
Fitz Haney$35,800$198,700Englewood, N.J.Financial servicesPzena Investment Management
Linda and Glenn Neland$35,800$35,800Austin, Tex.RetiredRetired
Steven Adler$35,800$35,800Austin, Tex.LawyerBarron Adler
Paul Egerman$35,000$66,900Weston, Mass.Investment/Chief executiveeScription
Michael Cohen$30,800$30,800Pompano Beach, Fla.RetiredRetired
David Belluck$27,500$103,300BostonInvestorRiverside Partners
Frank Pond$25,000$25,000Los AngelesLawyerPond North LLP
Churchill Franklin$20,000$147,100Concord, Mass.Executive vice presidentAcadian Asset Management
Elise Boyan$16,500$16,500San AntonioHomemakerHomemaker
Sara Morgan$15,000$15,000HoustonN/AN/A
Lola Van Wagenen$7,500$7,500Shelburne, Vt.HistorianSelf
Tom McMillen$5,000$5,000WashingtonHomeland Security Capital Corporation

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