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Monday, November 30, 2009

Upsala Cemetery Sanford Florida (Near Seminole Towne Center)

(Off Upsala Road in West Sanford near I-4)

This was the center of the earliest and largest Swedish community in Florida. Located here were the Scandinavian Society Lutheran Church, it's Cemetery, and a meeting house, which also served as a school until 1904.
In May of 1871 thirty-three Swedish immigrants (twenty-six men and seven women) arrived under the sponsorship of Henry S. Sanford for the purpose of developing his citrus groves (St. Gertrude, which extended from what is now Central Florida Regional Hospital south to Third Street: and Belair, west of the railroad tracks on Old Lake Mary Road).
General Sanford's initial cost was $75.00 per person ($65.00 for transportation and 10.00 to a recruiting agent). He also agreed to give each immigrant free rations and living quarters for one year, after which each would be given a parcel of land. In November 1871 twenty additional Swedes arrived and joined the original immigrants to form the Uppsala community. Many descendants of these early immigrants still live in the Sanford area.
**From the historical marker placed at the Cemetery by the Seminole County Historical Commission.**

A marker placed by St. Paul's EV. Lutheran Church of Orlando, Florida May 1951
Augustana Lutheran Synod 1892-1946

ALMAZU, Martin H. 1-15-198 - 3-30-1983
ANDERSON, John 1866 - ?
ANDERSON, Sofia M. 1858 - 1939
ANGEL of JOY (beloved daughter of Joyce marker made of wood & over grown with weeds)

ANSORGE (double head stone on bottom of head stone - In Loving Memory)
Pearl M. (Wife)12-18-1913 - 9-28-1994
Werner (Husband)12-12-1914 -1-10-1999

BENGTSON, Christina 1839 - 1929
BENGTSON, Edward 1881 - 1887 (Edward's grave was not next to the other Bengson's)
BENGTSON, Elias 1844 - 1883 (along the back row with Chirstina & Eric)
BENGTSON, Eric 1836 - 1934
BORELL, Chirstine 3-10-? - 3-? 1961 (90 years ?mo. 89days grave is sunkin)
BORELL, John E. 10-3-1857 - 8-27-1943(together in woods with Chirstine but 2 stones)
DAYALE, MARTI?? 3-30-? (2 years ?mo. ?days)
ERICKSON, Frank 1848 - 1928
ENROTH (double head stone)
Carl G. 1839 - 1913
Charlotte C. 1842 - 1903 (love never fails - on bottom of stone)
FRY, Albert A. 1894 - 1954 (son of Noah & Augusta)
FRY (double head stone)
Noah A. (Father) 1870-1936
Augusta B. (Mother) 1871 - 1972
GREEN, Marr 4-6-1960 (no other information)
HALLOWAY, Jossie L. 1887 - 1980 (wife of Walter)
HALLOWAY, Walter Brown 10-19-1889 - 7-3-1954 (Tennesse GM2 US Navy Chaplin - Gone but not forgotten on bottom of stone)
HALLOWAY, Patsy Ann 10-5-1935 - 6-11-1937 (Close to Jossie and Walter)
LUNDQUIST, Mr. Alex T. 7-3-? - 1953 (72 years 5 mo. 12days)
LUNDQUIST, JoAnne 1933 - 1942 (buried next to Mr. Alex)
LUNDQUIST, John Harold 7-16-1931 - 12-2-1957 (PVT US Air Force)
LUNDQUIST, John Gardar 1885 - 1943
LUNDQUIST, John 1885 - 1934 (three headstones together as one Lundquist & Starnes)
LUNDQUIST TWINS (Double flat marker)
Joane 1933 - 1942
Gerald D. 1933 - 1933
MARRS (double headstone)
Clover ?-?-? - 12-20-?28
Paul ?-?-1895 - 6-27-1953
STARNES Anne M. (Lundquist) 1905 - 1986
STARNES, Harley E. 1915 - 1982 (buried under the Lundquist head stone with John & Anne)
STEDT (next to each other)
Carl J. 1842 - 1929
Emma C. 1871 - 1932
SODERBLOM, Fred Gustaf 5-10-1930 (no other information)
TYNER, Gussiee 1909 - 1910
TYNER, Leonard B. 1905 1906
TYNER, James D. 1897 - 1957 (James, Leonard & Gussiee are together along the back row)
TYNER, Thomas Olin 7-10-1917 - 11-27-1943 (Florida SGT. Army AirForce WW2 PH. In memory of - is at the top of the stone)
**The next two double stones are side by side**
TYNER (double head stone)
Thomas D. 1877 - 1961 (Father)
Mitilda B. 1875 - 1969 (Mother)
TYNER (double head stone)
Elmer J. 1903 - 1982 (Father)
Louetta W. 1922 - 1975 (Mother)

? Robert R. 1963 (No other information, grave is under bushes with a funeral marker)

**Note, although every effort was made during the recording of this information, no guarantee is made of 100% accuracy.

Upsala Cemetery Pictures

Extra Information on the families buried in the cemetery

Elias Bengtson is listed in the 1880 Orange County, Florida Federal Census as an orange farmer, 37, wife Christina 39, daughters Augusta 9, Charlotte 7, Matilda 5, Hilda 3, sons Elaf 5 and Rueben 1.
In the 1920 Orange County, Florida Federal Census, Christina Bengston listed as a widow is living with her daughter Gussie and son in law Noah A. Fry along with nine boarders

John Borell is listed in the 1900 Orange County, Florida Federal Census born Oct 1857 in Swedenm married in 1893 to Christine born in Norway on April 1870. For John his year of immigration was 1883, Christines was 1871.
John and Christine are listed in the Seminole County, Florida Census. John is listed as a farm laborer for a orange grove. Living with John and Christine is Woodard Bertson age 11, nephew to John.
In the 1930 census Woodard is listed as Woodard Borell, nephew to John.
Both John and Christine are listed in the Florida Death Index

Werner and Pearl (Tyner) Ansorge are listed in the Duval County, Florida Marriage Collection. Married 1936, Volume 320 Certificate 447. Both are listed in the Florida Death Index.

In 1920 Frank Erickson was living in Lake Mary, Seminole County, Florida as a boarder in the home of Albert and Edith Rantoul. Frank is from Sweden.

In 1910 Noah Alexander, Gussie (Augusta) and son Albert Fry are living in Sanford, Orange County (now Seminole County) Florida. Also living in the household are Christopher Beudon and Jackarish Fry.
In the 1920 Gotha, Orange County, Florida census Noah is listed as .as a farm overseer and Gussie is the manager of the boarding house they are living in. Gussies mother is living with Noah and Gussie.
In 1930 Noah and Gussie are living in Sanford, Seminole County, Florida.
Noah is listed in the Florida death index

Joanne Lundquist is listed in the Seminole County, Florida death index

Paul Wampler Marrs is listed in the Seminole County, Florida death index

Anne Mae Starnes is listed in the Seminole County, Florida death index. Birth date is listed as 31 March 1905 death is 21 May 1986.
Harley E Starnes is listed in the Seminole County death index. Birth 11 March 1915 death 20 Mar 1982. Harley and Anne are both listed in the Social Security Death Index.

Carl and Emma and daughter Ebba Stedt are listed in the 1910 Orange County, Florida Federal Census. Carl is a fruit grower from Sweden he and Emma were married in 1894. Ebba was born in 1901
In 1920 Paola, Seminole County, Florida Carl is listed as a farm laborer for the local orange grove. Ebba is not listed as living with her parents in 1920.

The Thomas Tyner family is listed in the 1920 West Sanford, Seminole Clounty, Florida census. Wife Matilda 44, son's James D 22, Elmer 16, Thomas 2, daughters Florence 12, Eleanor 8, and Pearl 6. Thomas is from Georgia and a pipe fitter for a car shop. Matilda is from Florida as is all her children. Matildas parents are from Sweden.
The family is listed in the 1930 census as living in the same area as in 1920. Thomas is a pipe fitter for a gas company. Son James is listed as 32 still living at home with no job. Son Elmer is not listed with the family.

Elmer Tyner and Louetta W. Collins were married in Seminole County, Florida in Feb. of 1967. Elmer is listed in the Social Security Death Index, birth date is 13 April 1903 death date is November 1982. Louetta is also listed in the death index. Birth is 7 Oct 1920 and death is 26 Nov. 1975.

A picture named M2

The Orange Belt Railway 

Founder and patriarch of the first Swedish settlement in Florida
Josef Henschen came to Florida in 1871. He was a medical student at Uppsala University when he got the opportunity to bring a group of Swedish workers to Sanford, north of Orlando.  He recruited 36 workers from Uppsala and brought them to the work at the 12 000 acres of orange groves owned by General Shelton Sanford in Seminole County, Florida. General Sanford had not been pleased by the workforce recruited locally and had heard that Swedes were hard working and honest.

A picture named M2
Courtesy Joseph Raymond Henschen

Josef Henschen in Florida 1923. 
Several groups of Swedes came to work in the orange groves of  Seminole county, they founded the first Swedish colony in Florida, the New Upsala Settlement.  New Upsala is today a part of Sanford.  A Swedish Presbyterian church, a Swedish cemetery and a street named Upsala Road are landmarks of Swedish influence on the town of Sanford.  
Investor in the Orange Belt Railway
Josef Henschen never returned to Uppsala, he stayed in Florida, and made his own imprints on the Florida map. He made a small fortune on his own orange groves and in the mid 1880s he was approached by three men who wanted Josef to invest in the Orange Belt Railway that would run across Florida from Sanford to the southern point of Pinellas County.
Headquarters was set up in Oakland where Josef moved in 1886 and lived for the rest of his life. He served for several years as Oakland Postmaster and Justice of Peace.  I memory of Josef, there is still a Henschen Avenue in Oakland.
Named  St Petersburg after a Russian friends hometown
The railway construction ran into many problems and in the end,  Josef lost all his money. Thanks to the railway though, a town was developed in southern Pinellas.  As one of the four  investors in the Orange Belt Railway, Josef was asked to name this new city. In honor of his Russian friend and co-investor, Peter Demens, Josef named the new city,” St Petersburg”, which was  the native city of Demens.
Swedish born artist Rebecca Weiss, who now lives in Tampa Bay, has written a book about Josef Henschen, who was the brother of her great grandfather
Read more about the book and Rebecca’s art work here

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Heather Miller said...

I am the great granddaughter of Werner and Pearl (Tuner) Ansorge. All of there children (Margaret, Mildred, Werner, Raymond, Jean, Frank, and Bobby) still live in Florida. Uncle Ray just past a way this year. It was interesting reading about my ancestry. Thank you!

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